Different alternatives for temperature-controlled transport

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Breakthrough research in various medical fields, such as gene editing, stem cell technology and regenerative medicine, has led to an increased demand for temperature-controlled transport. High-end, 专门药品的产量通常很低,没有后备库存,因此, 在全球范围内安全运送这些敏感全球十大赌钱软件app已成为一项日益严峻的物流挑战. 因此,选择一个安全可靠的物流解决方案就显得尤为重要.

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What are the alternatives for temperature-controlled transport? And what is the actual difference between active and passive containers? 本文将进一步探讨温控物流的不同选择,以及在选择运输解决方案时值得考虑的其他方面.

Active vs. passive containers – a definition

According to some, anything with dry ice is a passive transport solution. However, dry ice is just the cooling material, and is used in both active and passive containers, 以确保全球十大赌钱软件app储存在一个精确的温度间隔.

A passive packaging or container can be described as an insulated box. Different types of cooling materials, such as phase change materials or dry ice, 是否用于确保全球十大赌钱软件app保持在一定的温度范围内. A passive box or packaging does not adjust for ambient temperatures. 一段时间后,全球十大赌钱软件app必须重新包装,以防止温度偏差.

An active container can be described as a portable refrigerator. 使用电加热和/或冷却来保持全球十大赌钱软件app在所需的温度范围内. In some containers, 干冰被用来冷却,并储存在容器的一个单独的隔间里. 密封箱的盖子会自动打开或关闭,以增加或减少容器内的冷气量. 冷藏容器不同于被动包装,因为它们可以根据环境温度调节容器内的温度. 只要电池充满电或者容器里装满干冰, 这种容器能使产物无限期地保持在一定的温度下.

温度控制运输的主动解决方案是更安全的替代方案, 但是否需要额外的安全边际取决于全球十大赌钱软件app的风险状况.

Comparing alternatives using Total Landing Cost

Setting the quality aspects of the transport aside, Total Landed Cost, TLC, can be used to compare the costs of different alternatives. 对于温控物流,成本可分为以下几类:

  • Lease/purchase price: Temperature-controlled containers are leased and returned after use. 被动盒必须事先购买和储存,并在使用前进行预处理.
  • Refrigerants:必须提前购买干冰、相变材料等冷却材料. 使用电冷却和加热技术的容器不需要任何额外的制冷剂.
  • Temperature monitors:可可以赌足球的app包装或容器内部温度的传感器. 活动容器不需要,它们有内置的传感器用于数据记录.
  • Handling and preparation: Man-hours to assemble and prepare the packaging.
  • Trucking:解决方案从生产现场到机场或仓库的运输.
  • Airfreight:航空公司收取的全球十大赌钱软件app运输费用.
  • Disposal costs: Costs for disposal of packaging materials and consumables. 被动包装的材料有时可以重复使用,但通常在目的地被处理掉. Leased containers are returned for reuse.

Using TLC, 比较温控运输的不同替代方案的实际成本,然后查看货物的质量和风险方面,这是更容易的. There are, however, other aspects of the shipment, 这使得优化发货全球十大赌钱软件app的数量以及确保优先发货成为可能.

Maximize the amount of shipped products – minimize space in aircraft

Space is limited in an aircraft, 这意味着任何能够最大限度地增加全球十大赌钱软件app出货量的解决方案, but at the same time minimize the total volume, would be the preferred choice.

Passive solutions need a lot of cooling and insulation materials, 因此,最终你可能不仅要交付全球十大赌钱软件app,还要交付相当数量的绝缘材料.

It is important to carefully evaluate different alternatives, 例如,从几个较小的集装箱或托盘切换到一个较大的集装箱等, to optimize the volume of the shipment. 较小的数量将降低成本,并方便货物的处理.

Get active and get priority

主动集装箱被归类为优先货物,而被动替代品被归类为一般货物. At peak season, for example at the end of the year, there is therefore a higher risk that passive packages are bumped off.

For low cost, off-the-shelf products this is a lesser problem, 但对于高端专业制药来说,重新安排或推迟的成本可能非常高.

Other aspects worth considering for temperature-controlled logistics


  • Training: The products will go through many hands during shipment. 物流供应商必须能够确保对所有处理货物的员工进行适当的培训.
  • Shipping qualification:一些物流解决方案的供应商可以提供简化和加快确认过程的文件.
  • Collection and analysis of data:装运前和装运后分析都需要充分收集数据.
  • Global reach and network:温控运输的集装箱和包装供应商必须能够在整个物流链中提供充分的服务和支持.

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阅读更多关于主动和被动包装解决方案并下载白皮书 “COVID-19疫情后制药公司争夺航空货运能力的3大新趋势” to learn more about how to choose the right cold chain solution.

Active vs. Passive

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我们可以帮助您进行成本分析,并估算出温控运输的所有直接成本. Please contact your local sales representative, to further discuss the best solution for your shipment.

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