Driving resource efficiency in the value-chain

Together with our customers, we are committed to balance the negative effect on the climate of air freight, with the social benefits of global access to life-saving pharmaceuticals.

By far the largest share of carbon emission in the pharma value-chain occurs in pharmaceutical production and raw material sourcing, whereas logistics only makes up a fraction (approximately 5 - 10%)[1], making it the key priority for the industry to ensure no product loss during shipment.

Being a climate leader and trusted partner that decreases green-house-gas emissions and improve resource efficiency in the pharma cold chain.

可以赌足球的app aims to be a climate leader and a driving force to improve resource efficiency and by mitigating overall emissions in the pharma supply-chain together with our partners and customers.

As part of our strategy to decrease our emissions we work according to the principle of “reduce, promote and compensate”. This means that we first strive to mitigate our emissions where possible, this include both our own operations and influence our partners. Secondly, we should always promote the best solutions, looking at all aspects, to our customers.

For 可以赌足球的app, this implies:

  • Improve resource efficiency by minimizing pharma product loss in the cold chain thanks to high reliability of our solutions.
  • Further mitigate our own emissions, for example by using green energy and minimize emissions from our production and service stations, and simultaneously reduce packaging waste by effective, efficient and circular use of the containers, with minimized unnecessary movements of the containers.
  • Contribute to mitigate the overall emissions in the pharma cold chain, by actively partnering with other participants in our eco-system to optimize shipment sizes, logistic flows and processes.

Strategic Objectives

  • Zero pharma product loss.
  • Climate neutral company in scope 1 and 2, and in scope 3 excluding use phase, by 2021, including compensation of all non-avoidable emissions.
  • Continuously decrease emissions per dose delivered in scope 3 use phase by advocating the consolidation to larger containers and decreasing unnecessary movements of empty containers.



Reliability measured in # of product losses

Absolute CO2eq for scope 1 and 2 and in scope 3 excluding use phase

CO2eq for scope 1 and 2 and in scope 3 excluding use phase per MSEK revenue

CO2eq / dose delivered including use phase in scope 3


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